I am a cyclist and amature photographer that loves to take pictures of flowers, faces and people on bicycles. Originally from Sri Lanka, started my graduate studies in Environmental Science & Engineering at the Oregon Graduate Center in 1979. As an Atmospheric Scientist specializing in Ultra Trace Analytical Chemistry, I continued research my expertise at "measuring almost nothing" at OGC/OGI for 17 years. Moved to Intel Corporation as a Microprocessor Layout Designer in 1997 and was forced to retire in July of 2015 after 18 years of "pushing polygons" at the cutting edge of Moor's Law. I un-retired to be a Layout Designer for Global Foundries, working remotely from home. I fully retired after that contracted ended with 2017. This is my fourth year as the "Volunteer On Ride Photographer" for Cycle Oregon, and many a bicycle event around Portland, Oregon. If you are on a bicycle, smile when you see me!